10 Reason Why SEO is Important For Your Business

why seo is important for your business

Search engine optimization has become necessary for all types of business enterprises. If you don’t optimize your websites then you won’t be visible to search engines and if you are not visible to search engines the customers cannot reach to your websites, and you will lose your fan base as well your competitive edge. Here we are going to discuss some points to understand why search engine optimization is critical for your business.

1.  The primary source “Organic Search”
The Internet is filled with a lot of websites and a lot of information. It should be difficult to find out which type of data and product you are searching for. Search engines come to our rescue in this case. Google is the most used search engine in the world, every business tries to be visible on Google and the first step to become visible on search engines is organic search . After website creation the most important task for your business will attracting visitors and traffic comes from organic search. So if you want traffic to your website then SEO services is necessary for your business.

2. SEO Builds Trust
Just imagine you are searching for an optical shop in your city and you find various results according to the search, and you know your optical shop is the best in the market but you are not on the first page of Google and hence you will lose your customers. No one wants to go to the third and fourth page of Google and avail your services. You have to do SEO for your businesses or websites so that customers develop trust and credibility towards your services. 80-90% of buyers or users first search for that service then buy that product.

3. SEO impacts buying cycle
When a customer comes to your website ,they build faith and credibility to your business, and they become the buyer of your product and service. In local business it helps even more. SEO tactics attract buyers for your service and your business becomes profitable, as users start coming into your site. If someone avails your services and they find it better than your competitors, they will recommend you to more customers and your buying cycle will improve everyday .

4. SEO is relatively cheap
SEO is not a one day process, it’s a long-term game and you have to have patience. It’s relatively cheap for small businesses because after some time you get your profits and it becomes a piece of cake for your business.
Giving advertisements to the print media is too costly so Google SEO and online advertisement are much cheaper.

5. If you are not on page 1, you are not visible!
Google’s algorithms are so strong and changing everyday. It’s so crucial to understand their algorithms because search engine’s AI bots update instantly to prevent black hat SEO. If you are not on page 1,you are not visible to the majority of your customers. For instance how many times do you go to the second page for your desired results during a Google search? I am sure you don’t remember because Google provides excellent ,credible, and reliable results on its first page. So you have to be on the first page of search results for optimum growth of your business.

6. Targeted audience
If you go for advertisement in the print media it is too costly and not oriented to your targeted audience. But with the help of SEO tips you can provide your services and products to your targeted audience in carefully optimised search engine results .If you are directly serving your customers then your business will grow exponentially.

7. SEO improves user experience and website speed
Search engine optimization improves many things like the visibility of your site, Web traffic in your site and possibly user experience of users. In the initial stages of the SEO process, the strategist works on content ,images on the website and also on the fonts. Content oriented strategy improves user experience everyday. Https website (encrypted) and an SSL certificate will boost up the website speed and it is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization.

8. Improves ROI
In reality, search engine optimization helps in every aspect of business, from content marketing to visibility. When website speed and user experience are enhanced ,customer faith increases and also the return on investment (ROI) of business increases. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process and after getting customers attention business grows rapidly. Many SEO companies are providing monthly seo packages of a guaranteed percentage of SEO ROI.

9. Increase social media following
When any new user searches for your product he also checks the reviews of your customers and your fan following too. A better fan following and 5-star customer reviews increases the trust of new users who will become your next customer. SEO instantly increases the fan following of your business because in SEO we try to satisfy every query of customers and improve their experiences on the site and with your product.

10. SEO converts a local business into a global business

If your SEO strategy properly works locally then you have to work in global level strategies. So that your business will become global and this is possible with the help of SEO. The Internet has made businesses easy to reach from the entire world easily. You can sell anything from anywhere. This is the power of internet connectivity and it improves day by day. SEO expands your business easily in any part of the world.

It doesn’t matter, you are a small business or a big conglomerate, because search engine optimization is necessary. After the advent of the Internet massive amounts of content are available online. Various types of social media platforms attract users in their own way. So to stand apart and being unique is important for your business. You have to provide better service to your customers. A better product is not the entire deal ,search engine optimization plays a vital role to sell your products. If you are going for online business then you cannot underestimate the power of search engine optimization. For better website traffic ,organic search ,visibility ,and a high ROI Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most important parts of your business.

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