Free Fire Partner Program: How to apply for this program, Check Requirements, Steps, and more

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Partner Program for Garena Free Fire

How to Apply, Check the Steps, Requirements, and More: One of the most talked-about subjects in the Garena Free Fire community is the partner program. Because of the game’s rising popularity, Garena is constantly looking for ways to improve the gameplay. The initiative was added by the developers a long time ago to encourage the game’s community, particularly on YouTube, to create more FF-based content. Selected players are given permission to use the impending in-game items that affect new players. Here is how someone can take part in this initiative.

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Garena Free Fire Partner Program

The developers are constantly trying to give the community interesting new features. Meanwhile, the Partner Program consistently draws large audiences since it provides a number of benefits in addition to thrilling incentives. Those that participate in the Partner Program receive V-Badges from Garena. The aforementioned badge genuinely denotes a connection with Garena because it gives the content provider credibility in the community. However, as we already indicated, not everyone may participate in this program since there are formalities and standards that must be met before applicants can submit an application.

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Free Fire Partner Program Eligibility Criteria

The following is a list of qualities that gamers should have;

  • Candidates must have a YouTube channel that is active and has at least 100,000 subscribers.
  • The influencer/last Applicant’s 30 days’ worth of content had to be 80% Garena Free Fire-related.
  • A minimum of 3 Lakh channel views from the user’s last 30 days are required.
  • Influencers should regularly post interesting information on social media sites.
  • Clean, inoffensive, and interesting information is required throughout.
  • Candidates should be eager to put in a lot of effort.
  • Influencers should be passionate about gaming and have a team-first mentality.

What are the things partners can access 

The benefits that partners will receive through this program are listed below;

  • Thousands of diamonds, personalized room cards, and items.
  • A preview of upcoming in-game material.
  • Users can be highlighted on the BR title’s official social media accounts.
  • They have access to the official Free Fire client for observers.
  • They can communicate directly with the Garena FF team and receive invitations to legitimate Free Fire competitions and esports.
  • Access to specialized goods.

How to apply for the Partner program?

  • Visit the Partner Program’s official website (
  • On the website, click the “Apply Now” option.
  • A Google form is visible to applicants and participants, and they must complete it in order to move forward.
  • Fill out the form, submit it, and then wait for Garena to get back to you.

These, therefore, are the procedures and specifications for the partner program.


  1. How can I sign up to be a Free Fire Partner?

    Do I have to follow any particular procedures to become a Free Fire Partner? The preceding month saw the consumption of at least 80% of the free-fire content. High-quality, interesting video content should not be offensive. Creators of video content should exhibit professionalism and a willingness to go above and beyond.

  2. Partner Program: What is it?

    Channel partners take part in a partner program as part of a vendor’s business strategy. This motivates them to encourage their clients to use the vendor’s goods and services. It should be noted, though, that many smaller merchants also provide these programs since channel partners increase their street visibility.

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