macOS Mojave 10.14 Bootable USB on Windows 10

how to create macOS mojave bootable usb on windows

Well, creating bootable USB for macOS it is very easy on macOS machine. I additionally used that several times and in this article, I’m going to share the working method to how to create bootable USB macOS Mojave 10.14 on a Windows PC.

Before we start to creating USB installer you need to download macOS Mojave image file, a programme called win32 Diskimager and also you need to USB Drive almost 16GB. I will leave all the links in the below once you are done lets start.

Download All the required Files

Download Clover Bootloader From here

Download macOS Mojave Image File


format usb for macOS



After you finished to download macOS Mojave then extract this file using WinRAR I personally use this programme then install win32 disk imager once you are done run with admin privileges. this will allows you all required permission on your pc. and this will take some time.


select image file


After you finished to extract macOS Mojave zip file you will get another file extension this is macOS Mojave image file which we required to write into USB


how to create macOS Mojave bootable usb on windows

simply click on this file icon and select macOS Mojave image file which one we had extracted if it is not visible then in dropdown menu select * from here. After that, click on the write Button.



how to create macOS Mojave bootable usb on windows



how to create macOS Mojave bootable usb on windows

Creating USB installer takes around 5 to 10 minute it will depend on your USB and your computer speed. For more information, you can visit the youtube channel





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