How to mount EFI partition on macOS Mojave

How to mount EFI partition on macOS MojaveHow to mount EFI partition on macOS Mojave

On macOS Mojave 10.14 you can easily mount EFI partition by using a tool called clover configurator but in this article during this, I will explain step by step process to mount EFI on macOS Mojave using the terminal.

EFI partition is a hidden partition on macOS. and it is not accessible as a normal disk. and the size of this partition is around 200 megabytes. this partition stores the necessary files to boot the operating system, including the driver or known as kexts, bootloader theme, configuration files.

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Note: EFI partition also surely exists on an Apple computer. I do not suggest you mess with that. If you don’t have the best practice otherwise you can possible corrupt or damage your Mac.

Mount EFI partition using the terminal app in macOS Mojave

  1. Open the terminal app
  2. Type the following commands

List of the following commands are using

  1. diskutil list
  2. sudo –s (if needed) 
  3. diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1

you will find the terminal in Applications/Utility folder. in the terminal app to view all the partitions type diskutil list you can view the list of partitions are available on your computer.

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How to mount EFI partition on macOS Mojave

Also, you will find here the EFI partition as well. Now you can easily mount EFI partition with identifier name in my case it is disk0s1. It may be different in your case.

Once you have identified EFI partition to mount it simply type the following command

diskutil  mount /dev/disk0s1 

How to mount EFI partition on macOS Mojave

if you get this error mentioned in the picture then don’t worry about it before using above commands simple type sudo -s  it will allow you root level of access on your computer. which is the highest level of system access on any UNIX based operating system.

How to mount EFI partition on macOS Mojave

Once you have done those that now again type the commands  diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1 

this time you going to see a message as mentioned in the picture. After the command is executed you are going to see the EFI partition. this is a small guide to mount the EFI partition if you have any suggestion or any query let me know in the comment box.

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