How to set/change your Mac’s root password in macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

how to set root password on macOS High sierra

macOS high sierra in the 14th version of macOS and people have updated their MacBook and iMac to macOS high sierra. but serious security issue has been discovered with macOS High Sierra. what does is basically allowing any person to log into a Mac with full root administrative capabilities without a password.

What is the root
A root user account provides the highest level of system access possible on a MacOS or any Unix based operating this article, I’m going to share step by step process to change about how to change the root password on macOS high sierra.

How to change root password in macOS high sierra


The first step is to change your macOS root password open your spotlight by pressing together (command + space)  and search for Directory Utility and open it. once you have done that click on the lock icon and unlock it with username and password.

open spotlight


After that click on Edit then select change root password and click on it. Now you need to enter the password for the root account once you have done that then click ok.

change mac root password

Once you have done that it is now your new mac’s root password and now it will not take a blank password for login as root account in your macOS.

enter new root password

Quick video guide


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